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Can the SuperGliss® forceps be connected to my electrosurgical unit?

Yes. SuperGliss® forceps can virtually be connected to all common electrosurgical units that come with a foot switch or bipolar auto-start feature.

Are these forceps reusable?

Yes. Please have a closer look to the instruction for use.

Does the non-stick effect of SuperGliss® instruments gradually wear off?

SuperGliss® is not a coating. It is an alloy, which will keep its non-stick qualities. A certain darkening of the material caused by oxidization is normal.

What power setting do you recommend?

We recommend the same power settings as before. Most users of SuperGliss® will, however, adjust the power setting downwards after a while.

Are special-design models available?

In principle it is possible to obtain special models. Contact us to find out if the model you desire can be manufactured. If so, we will let you know and give you a cost estimate as well as prospective delivery times.

Are there special regulations for cleaning and maintenance?

Yes, and these regulations vary somewhat from those for other forceps. The instruments may only be cleaned with a wet sponge or soft cloth. No abrasive or aggressive scratch pads or wire brushes may be used. - You may as well forget about these cleaning methods since tissue sticking to forceps is a matter of the past when you use SuperGliss®.

Do I need a special cable?

No. We recommend the use of good-quality silicone cables, which we offer with different generator connectors.

How can I distinguish SuperGliss® from other instruments?

All SuperGliss® instruments are marked in white lettering with "SuperGliss® non-stick".

Which forceps for which procedure?

Look for details in the SuperGliss® Forceps Application Matrix.




Further Information

For detailed information on applications and accessories, please refer to our product catalog:
SuperGliss® non-stick bipolar forceps (DE/EN) [1,7 MB]
Bipolar Forceps [3,9 MB]

Instructions for use:
IFU Bipolar Forceps [399 kb]