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Volume reduction of the soft palate: A treatment to reduce or eliminate velar snoring on an out-patient basis. It is simple, and no specific follow-up treatment is required.


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Autoclavable and re-usable
Sutter bipolar RaVoR™ probes are very cost-efficient. The probes can be cleaned and autoclaved, just like conventional surgical instruments.

Instrument’s shape follows the anatomy
The shape of Sutter RaVoR™ probes always follows the anatomy, thus allowing easy access to the application site, giving excellent view and perfect control over the instrument.

Perfect lesions
Sutter RaVoR™ probes make oval-shaped, long lesions possible. Both shape and size allow treating a bigger area, while protecting bony structures as well as mucosa. Lesion always perfectly fit patient’s anatomy.

Protecting mucosa
A very thin insulating layer, which is placed under the mucosa, protects the surface from thermal damage. This unique technology helps both to reduce postoperative pain and to make healing process fast and gentle. 



RaVoR™ of the Soft Palate

In the recent years Radiofrequency Volume Reduction (RaVoR™) has become the standard surgical procedure to treat habitual snoring and mild sleep apnea. Multiple clinical studies confirmed the efficacy and the clinical benefit of the treatment (see abstracts).
This minimally invasive treatment method preserves structures and function of the soft palate. RaVoR™ is performed under local anesthesia; it can easily be combined with other treatments, e.g. RF-UPPP or CPAP treatment



Does RaVoR™ have temperature control?

Temperature control is not needed. With RaVoR™ just the right amount of radiofrequency is applied to heat the tissue and create a lesion, but not too much to desiccate the tissue. The OR protocol lists the application time according to the defined intensity on the unit. For your safety our radiofrequency generator comes with an AutoRF™ function, which adjusts the power output automatically downwards in case of increased tissue resistance in order to prevent undesired tissue desiccation in the surgery area, and thus ensures best surgical results without unwanted tissue damage.

What is the temperature inside the tissue?

Following the specifications in our procedure guidelines, the temperature inside the tissue varies between 60 °C and 100 °C. The tissue is heated, but not baked, and does not dry out.

Does the unit automatically turn off when the power is too high?

AutoRF™ will automatically adjust and cut back the power output in case of increased tissue resistance. However, when the power setting chosen is too high or too low, undesired effects may occur. For this reason it is important to adhere to the specifications mentioned in our procedure guidelines. These have been carefully tested and compiled in close cooperation with our clinical partners to achieve the best possible results without a visual feedback function of the unit.

How often may your probes be reused?

The general guidelines for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of reusable instruments apply to our probes. When properly used and treated, we guarantee 20 uses. Many customers tell us that our autoclavable probes can be used much more often than 20 times if taken care of properly. It is important to inspect the probes each time and to make sure that they are exchanged in case of damage prior to use.


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For detailed information on applications and accessories, please refer to our product catalogue

Instructions for use:
IFU Bipolar Electrodes (DE/EN/FR/IT/ES/NL) [718 kb] 
IFUs in additional languages can be found here.


For further information on the treatment please see the application reports in our media center.


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