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Innovative Radiofrequency Applications for Electro Surgery

Welcome to Sutter Medizintechnik, the expert for precision electrosurgery.
The company’s main focus is on microsurgical RF generators and innovative electrosurgical instruments.

Over 40 years of experience have led to multiple innovative breakthroughs and company growth on an international scale. Sutter has pioneered the non-stick technology and is a leader for RF systems for minimally invasive treatment of snoring.

Sutter specializes in electrosurgical products, especially for microsurgical and endoscopic applications.


To visitors to this website from the USA: This website is directed to medical professionals from outside the US. Several products presented on this website may not be approved for sale and marketing in the US. Certain statements regarding the use of products presented on this website may be outside the scope of the Intended Use for which the products may be approved in the US. If you want to know more about Sutter products in the US, please go to or contact us directly. Thank you.

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