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RaVoR™ Applications
Tonsillen | Tonsils
Tumorchirurgie | Oncology
Dermatochirurgie | Plastics
Sinuschirurgie | Sinus Surgery
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RaVoR™ Applications

Sutter_AR_Dr. de Vries_4MHz RF Technology for Volumetric Turbinates Reduction_ENT News July+Aug 2012 [1,4 MB]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Navratil_A 40 case inferior turbinoplasty_ENT NEWS Nov+Dez 2014 [199 kb]

Sutter_AR_ Dr. Romeo et al_RF Volumetric Reduction (RaVoR) for non-allergic and non-infectious perennial Rhinitis_ENT News Nov+Dec 2008 [490 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Sarte_Bipolar RF Volume Reduction (RaVoR) of the inferior nasal Turbinates_ENT News May+June 2008 [643 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr Marinescu_RF Treatment of the Posterior Pillars_ENT News Nov+Dez 2009 [1,1 MB]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Kenny Pang_Bipolar RF (BM and CURIS) of the Palate_ENT News May+June 2007 [358 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr Marinescu_RaVoR for Treatment of habitual Snoring_ENT News March+April 2008 [808 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Kenny Pang_Tongue-Base Surgery for OSA_ENT News Jan+Feb 2008 [146 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Celiker_RF vs topical steroid Treatment of chronic nasal Obstruction [782 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr Brehmer_RF of the Soft Palate for the Treatment of Snoring (OSA)_ENT News Nov+Dec 2007 [1,3 MB]

Sutter_AR_Dr Binner_RaVoR of the Nasal Turbinates_ENT News Jan+Feb 2009 [658 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr Beque_RF of the Soft Palate and Turbinates_ENT News Mai+June 2011 [190 kb]

Sutter_AR_Prof. Paraya_RF Treatment of short- and long-term Results_ENT News March+April 2011 [804 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Sahin-Yilmaz_RF Ablation of the inferior Turbinates_ENT News Sep+Oct 2014 [860 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Grishunina_RF Reduction and Resection of hypertrophic lingual Tonsils_ENT News März+April 2013 [1,4 MB]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Paraya_ENT News September+October 2013 [1,2 MB]

Sutter_AR_Prof. Neruntarat_Short- and long-term Results of Soft Palate and Tongue-Base RF Surgery in OS_ENT News July+Aug 2010 [476 kb]

Sutter_AR_Prof. Paraya_RF Treatment of short- and long-term Results_ENT News March+April 2011 [791 kb]

Sutter_AR_Prof. Sapponara_Volumetric Reduction of Turbinates in 400 patients using new bipolar RF equipment_ENT News May+June 2005 [349 kb]


Tonsillen | Tonsils

Sutter_AR_Dr. Gurpinar_Comparison of Tonsillectomy Techniques_ENT News March+April 2018 [649 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr Tolsdorff_Micro-Bipolar Tonsillectomy_ENT News Sept+Oct 2004 [338 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Stelter_RF Subtotal Tonsillectomy_ENT News July+Aug 2014 [250 kb]

Sutter_AR_Prof Delank_ ENT News March+April [231 kb]

Sutter_AR_Drs Hirt+Neumann_Amygdalotomie par radiofréquence chez les enfants atteints d'hyperplasie tonsillaire_ENT News Sept+Oct 2007_FR [1,1 MB]

Sutter_AR_Drs Hirt+Neumann_RF Tonsillotomy in Children with tonsillar Hyperplasia_ENT News Sept+Oct 2007 [878 kb]


Tumorchirurgie | Oncology

Sutter_AR_Drs Hussain+Stuck_RF Surgery of an oral squamous cell Carcinoma_ENT Nov+Dez 2015 [1,4 MB]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Grazioli_RF assisted Hemiglossectomy and Neck Dissection_ENT News May+June 2012 [1,8 MB]

Sutter_AR_Drs Heiser+Knopf_Resection of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Tongue using RF_ENT News Jan+Feb 2014 [2,1 MB]

Sutter_AR_Dr Barbos_Micro-Surgery for Benign Laryngeal Tumors using RF_ENT News Nov+Dez 2010 [813 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Hofauer+Dr.Heiser_RF Resection in oral and oropharyngeal Tumor Surgery_ENT News Jan+Feb 2016 [1,1 MB]

Sutter_AR_Prof. Basterra_Resection of Malignant laryngeal Tumors with ARROWtip electrodes_ENT News March+April 2009 [679 kb]

Sutter_AR_Prof. Basterra_Transoral Resection of supraglottic Tumours using ARROWtip electrodes_ENT News March+April 2015 [1,2 MB]

Sutter_AR_Drs Rieh+Arndt_Excision Biopsy of Tongue Lesions_Two Case Reports_ENT News March+April 2007 [340 kb]


Dermatologie | Plastics

Sutter_AR_Dr. Marinescu_RF Surgery in Patients with Xanthelasma palpebrarum_ENT News Jan+Feb 2015 [1,3 MB]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Kasten_RF Surgery spares Tissue and improves Operation Comfort in Skin Surgery_ENT News Sept+Oct 2008 [879 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Kasten_Radiofrequency Ablation of papular melanocytic Naevi_ENT NEWS Sept+Oct 2009 [532 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Grazioli_RF-assisted Treatment of Rhinophyma_ ENT News Nov+Dec 2013 [1,6 MB]

Sutter_AR_Prof. Sadick_Management of Rhinophyma using RF Surgery of the Nose_ENT News Nov+Dec 2011 [1,7 MB]


Sinuschirurgie | Sinus Surgery

Sutter_AR_Prof. Kühnel_RF resection of the uncinate process in endonsal sinus surgery [1,6 MB]

Sutter_AR_Prof. Weber_Safe Hemostasis in FESS using a monopolar Suction-Coagulation Device_ENT News March+April 2012 [1,0 MB]

Sutter_AR_Prof. Kuehnel+Hosemann_Combined RF Coagulation and Suction in endonasal Sinus Cavity Surgery_ENT News May+June 2010 [1,3 MB]


Andere | Others

Sutter_AR_Dr. Geukens_Improved Control of Bleeding in endoscopic Ear Surgery with ARROWtip [766 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr. Essadok_Throwing light on Radiofrequency and its Uses_ENT News July+August 2009 [740 kb]

Sutter_AR_Prof. Svistushkin_Treatment of chronic Dacryocystitis with CURIS 4MHz Generator_ENT News May+June 2013 [968 kb]

Sutter_AR_Dr.Oysu_Endoscopic posterior Cordotomy with ARROWtip electrodes and RF_ENT News May+June 2014 [1,8 MB]

Sutter_ AR_A Customer Survey_ENT News May+June 2009 [526 kb]

Sutter_AR_Prof. Vogt_Visualization of elastic deformations of the Nose by 4-phase Rhinomanometry_ENT News May+June 2015 [1,2 MB]

Sutter_AR_Prof. Gerlach_Endoscopic endonasal transsphenoidal Surgery to remove sellar Pathologies_ENT News Nov+Dec 2012 [1,4 MB]

Sutter_AR_Drs Konnerth+Folz_RF Surgery for Treatment of recurrent Epistaxis_ENT News July+August 2008 [1,0 MB]

Sutter_AR_Prof Stuck und Dr Hussain_RF Surgery for Resection of a Cutaneous Angiosarcoma of the Face_ENTNews May+June2016 [1,3 MB]

Sutter_AR_Prof. Mühlfay_Type of Lesions achieved by three electrosurgical Methods and Way of Healing_ENT News Jan+Feb 2017 [1,4 MB]



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