At the 18th Asian Research Symposium on Rhinology, held conjointly with the Malaysian Head & Neck Society congress in Kuala Lumpur in May 2016, Dr Clemens Heiser presented on the application and advantages of 4 MHz radiofrequency for a wide range of ENT surgical indications. 


Radiofrequency is well established in the German ENT community as an important and minimally invasive technology for treating a range of applications such as snoring and mild OSAS, tonsil resection, head & neck tumor surgery, skin tumor resection and various facial aesthetic interventions. 

In a full lecture hall, Dr Heiser shared best practices and demonstrated the surgical techniques employed at his hospital, Munich University hospital, ‘rechts der Isar’. Besides providing an evaluation of the clinical outcomes when using radiofrequency, he performed a cadaveric demonstration of each indication for the participants. 



The combination of theory and practice makes for a high impact educational session. The clinical evidence for radiofrequency in snoring and mild OSAS is impressive. In addition, a study is in progress to evaluate the efficacy of radiofrequency for oro-pharyngeal tumor resection. 

The topics of the four individual lectures were: radiofrequency and its advantages, snoring and OSAS treatment, Head & neck tumor and skin tumor resection. Videos of surgery performed on live patients in Munich highlighted the ease of monopolar incisions paired with the lack of thermal tissue damage.

The attentive audience from all over South East Asia were impressed at the resection of a tongue tumor using the CURIS® 4MHz radiofrequency generator and fine ARROWtip microdissection electrodes. 

After his lectures and demonstrations, Dr Heiser was surrounded by the participating surgeons wanting to ask questions and get further practical tips and tricks from him. His lectures were so well received that he was invited to attend the next Indonesian Otorhinolaryngolgy Head & Neck congress as speaker.



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