Sutter Medical - Company - OEM


Many international OEM customers complement their product range with products by Sutter. Our OEM customers define their product concept with us and are able to benefit from our experience and expertise in developing, manufacturing and marketing of products.

The product you are looking for might already exist – in part or fully. It can be created efficiently through the adaptation of a number of components and processes. 
Our competent development department covers all the steps of the innovation process – from the idea to market approval.

In our production facilities qualified workers manufacture precision tools for the medical industry. They know how to perform highly precise tasks and work with very small dimensions. To maintain this level of expertise we support the ongoing training and education of our staff – for their own good and for the benefit of our customers and partners.

The Sutter company is governed by an integrated quality management system. Our high-quality demands are unshakeable. If you are looking for electrosurgical products, we are the partner of your choice. Contact us.