CURIS® - Microsurgical Radiofrequency Generator

The microsurgical radiofrequency generator CURIS® relies on the 4 MHz technology: It is gentle to the tissue and effective for coagulation, for lesions and for cutting. The patient trauma is reduced to a minimum.

Calvian endo-pen®

Bipolar Coagulation in endonasal and transnasal endoscopic surgery. The Calvian endo-pen® offers a range of advantages such as tactile feedback and improved maneuverability of the endoscope.

SuperGliss® non-stick Dr. Teo-Set

The minimal amount of non-insulated ends provide even more safety. In addition, the set includes various angled tips for different viewing angles, which facilitates operating “around corners”. 

Bipolar Electrode for the Soft Palate

Volume reduction of the soft palate: A treatment to reduce or eliminate velar snoring on an out-patient basis. It is simple, and no specific follow-up treatment is required.


Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is brought to life at Sutter Medizintechnik GmbH: Upon joining the company, each employee is assigned a child sponsorship through either SOS-Kinderdorf or World Vision. Children around the world are given the opportunity to lead a dignified life with a future through education thanks to the sponsorships supported by Sutter.

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