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Let’s kick off 2024 in style!

Thrilled to share that Sutter has achieved the renowned kununu Top Company Award for the third consecutive year! 


Bert Sutter has been voted President of wvib Schwarzwald AG (Association of Industry in Baden e.V.)

Congrats Mr. President! Celebrations are in order as we proudly announce that our CEO, Bert Sutter, has been voted President of wvib Schwarzwald AG (Association of Industry in Baden e.V.), an association of companies with a total of more than 300,000 employees.


Sutter Medizintechnik Wins MobilSiegel 2023!

We're proud to share that we have been awarded the prestigious "MobilSiegel 2023 - Climate-Friendly Commuting" trophy for our dedication to sustainable mobility. For this award, VAG joined forces with the districts of Emmendingen and Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald on behalf of the city of Freiburg and invited institutions, facilities, and companies in the region to participate.


Sutter donates EUR 20,000 to SpoFunnis

At Sutter, we believe in investing not only in innovative healthcare solutions but also in the well-being and growth of our communities. We are thrilled to announce our donation of 20,000 EUR to SpoFunnis, the sports, fun and adventure club of the handball club SG Köndringen-Teningen e.V., a fantastic organization dedicated to nurturing young minds through sports and educational adventures under pedagogical guidance.


The EU bans PFASs - and now?

Following the online panel discussion "The EU bans PFASs - and now?”, organized by the regional industry association wvib, the regional newspaper Badische Zeitung threw the spotlight on the possible blanket ban. Katharina Meyer, editor for the section “Science and Medicine”, published her article “Medium-sized Companies Sound the Alarm over PFAS Ban” – a necessary step towards a broad social debate that is currently lacking.


Focus on PFAS

Not all PFAS are hazardous. They are persistent, to be sure, and we must avoid their emission into the environment. But not all PFAS are bioaccumulative, toxic and mobile; often they are needed as alternatives to chemicals that have been shown to be toxic or unsafe. Society needs long-lived chemicals where their longevity is critical to their translation into technologies and applications.



Training@Sutter ENT Basic for our distributors

For two exciting days we ahve been welcoming ten of our valued EMEA distributors at the Sutter company headquarters in Emmendingen to the ‘Training@Sutter ENT Basic’ course in our modern showroom. 



New video “Extensive tumor shrinking with SuperGliss® non-stick ELP Bipolar Forceps”

A user from the Department of Neurosurgery, University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany, shows in our latest application video his experience with the SuperGliss® non-stick ELP bipolar forceps during an extensive tumor shrinking in the OR. 



…and we did it again!

In 2023, Sutter is once again one of an exclusive group of top employers on kununu, and we are delighted to have been named a Kununu Top Company once again after 2022. 


A new recruiting campaign for our production facilities

Brand new photos of our colleagues in the new production facilities in Emmendingen serve as the basis for our latest recruitment campaign.


Sutter among top employers of German mid-sized companies 2023

We were excited to learn that Sutter was named one of the top employers of German mid-sized companies. This news is the result of a study that was conducted by FOCUS BUSINESS.


wvib Medical Technology Cluster visits Sutter

Exciting perspectives through a widespread network. 


Engaging exchange with politics

Engaging exchange about the current economic and political situation in the country, supply chains, and rising inflation. 


Sutter Medical Technology is "Top Company 2022" !

We are extremely proud to have been awarded the Kununu Top Company 2022, especially since it has become much more difficult to rank among the most popular employers since the complete relaunch of the criteria for awarding the Top Company seal at the end of last year.


Field report Masterpiece™ non-stick bipolar forceps: Precise dissection and coagulation even in the tightest of spaces

With their filigree profile of the legs, the precision forceps allow an optimal view of the tips and enable pinpoint coagulation, as the following statement by a user at the Department of Neurosurgery, University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany, shows.


Radiofrequency Ablation of Nevi and Fibroma

Radiofrequency has been established as a gentle surgical method for precise cuts and coagulation in aesthetic surgery. With the impedance-controlled CURIS 4 MHz radiofrequency generator, Sutter offers the benefits of an advanced radiofrequency technology for a variety of applications. Dermatologist R. Kasten, MD from Mainz reports about the 4 MHz radiofrequency technology for dermatologists, plastic surgeons and ENT specialists.


Optimising Outcomes in Blepharoplasty Surgery Using Radiofrequency

Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon A. Looi (Ava Eye Clinic, Singapore) reports on her experience with the CURIS® 4 MHz radiofrequency technology in combination with the SuperGliss® non-stick bipolar forceps and the disposable ARROWtip™ monopolar microdissection electrode.


Field report SuperGliss® non-stick ELP: ideal to meet the challenges of microsurgical procedures

The SuperGliss non-stick ELP bipolar forceps, with their shorter and more delicate ELP (Extra Low Profile) tips compared to standard SuperGliss non-stick bipolar forceps, are particularly suitable for fine microsurgical procedures.


Radiofrequency in Dermatologic Surgery

Fast wound healing and good cosmetic results are of great importance in skin surgery. Dermatologist R. Kasten, MD, from Germany reports about his experiences with the CURIS 4 MHz radiofrequency generator in his practice.


Clear visibility in narrow and confined spaces: Application examples using the SuperGliss® non-stick zhora bipolar forceps

With their delicate eccentric tines, the SuperGliss non-stick zhora bipolar forceps are particularly advantageous for surgical procedures in narrow and confined spaces. Neurosurgeon Prof. T. Meling, MD, from the Geneva University Hospitals in Switzerland reports his experiences with the instrument.