Sutter Medical - Service - Safety Checks

Safety Checks

For your radiofrequency unit, a bi-annual safety check is recommended.

Local regulations may require an even shorter interval. The checks are performed by Sutter or by people / organizations authorized by Sutter with the relevant education (electro-technical specialists), knowledge and practical experience to perform proper safety checks and are not bound by other instructions. There will be a charge for performing safety checks. Please be aware: For RF units, special test equipment is required due to the high operating frequency of the generator. Often, this type of equipment is not available at the hospital or with service companies. In doubt, a list of approved test equipment may be inquired at Sutter.

In case the check is to be performed at Sutter in Germany, please contact your local Sutter distribution partner. Alternatively, you may send us a message and we will forward it to our partner. Our local distribution partner will contact you to organize pick-up or shipping and will, in case it is needed, supply a back-up unit while yours is being checked.

What to do if the unit has to be repared?

Should a repair be necessary on your Sutter radiofrequency unit, it has to be performed at the factory in Germany. Please proceed as described above for the safety check.


Instructions for safety checks (SC) maybe requested from us through your distributors and technicians at any time.