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Fentex medical GmbH

FENTEX medical GmbH is a medical company specializing in manufacturing and marketing of surgical instruments and endoscopy systems for ENT and Head & Neck surgeons. FENTEX was founded in 2006 and became a sister company to Sutter in 2015.

Close cooperation with leading surgeons, which from the very beginning was a vital factor for FENTEX, allows to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the medical field and thus to offer instruments enhancing the latest surgical techniques and all indications within the scope of ENT surgeons. 

FENTEX instruments and endoscopes are exclusively made in Germany. Highly skilled workers in specialized manufacturing facilities, high quality components and attention to detail all in combination result in precision, dependability and durability of FENTEX products. FENTEX is located near Tuttlingen, the world renowned "Silicon Valley" of surgical instruments.



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