Repair Exchange Program

Do not throw away old forceps, we will buy them back* when you purchase new ones. 
Sutter grants an additional discount on any bipolar forceps (with the exception of custom-made models)
that are sold in exchange for the return of another pair of forceps.

When making use of this so-called repair exchange program, it is important to make a note to that effect on the purchase order: „rep-./change“ has already to be stated on the purchase order.

The instrument replaced by Sutter forceps has to be returned to Sutter in cleaned and sterilized condition.

* The exact amount may vary. It usually shows as a discount on the new instrument purchase.


How does it work in daily routine? 

  • Sales call or visit of your Sutter partner
  • Ordering of a discounted instrument
  • Your Sutter-partner orders a „rep.-/change“ Instrument (any bipolar forceps)
  • Delivery and exchange „new for old“
  • Discarded instrument is sent back to Sutter by your Sutter partner