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Watch our new video “Extensive tumor shrinking with SuperGliss® non-stick ELP Bipolar Forceps” 

The SuperGliss® non-stick ELP bipolar forceps, with their shorter and more delicate ELP (Extra Low Profile) tips compared to standard SuperGliss® non-stick bipolar forceps, are particularly suitable for fine microsurgical procedures. 

A user from the Department of Neurosurgery, University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany, shows in our latest application video his experience with the SuperGliss® non-stick ELP bipolar forceps during an extensive tumor shrinking in the OR. 

He states: “The design of the instrument allows a clear view along the legs of the forceps and past the tips to the tissue structures in focus. Thanks to the non-stick technology, there is hardly any adhesion, so excessive rinsing, which could obstruct the view, is not necessary. The heat effect on the surrounding tissue can be well dosed, so that precise coagulation is possible even in the vicinity of nerves and vessels without damaging them.”

Our new video is available on our Vimeo channel: 


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