Sutter is known as pioneer of the non-stick technology for bipolar forceps. With our SuperGliss® non-stick bipolar forceps and our product lines SuperGliss® non-stick ELPSuperGliss® non-stick TEO and SuperGliss® non-stick zhora we offer a variety of models for different needs in the OR.


non-stick Technology

The material specially developed for our SuperGliss® non-stick bipolar forceps prevents overheating of the tips during coagulation. Laboratory tests confirm the outstanding non-stick properties that last throughout the lifetime of the instrument.




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Pinpoint grasping and a better grip thanks to microstructured tips with clearly defined edges.



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Easy and comfortable dissection with the patented Guide-Stop™. The spring force of the instrument facilitates dissection. The Guide-Stop™ closes the instrument precisely tip to tip.





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The classic plateau shape gives instruments a strong grip, and allows dissection, grasping and coagulation of larger structures and vessels.

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The MicroTip geometry makes the insulation disappear from the surgeon‘s sight and opens up the view through the tips.

Additional models can be found in our product catalog.



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The Extra Low Profile (ELP) tips are shorter and more delicate. Their design is ideal to meet the challenges of fine, microsurgical interventions.


“The design and construction of the SuperGliss® non-stick ELP bipolar forceps
with different angles and sizes represent a technical innovation that can lead to improved surgical outcomes.
These bipolar forceps enhance the quality and quantity of tumor and tissue resection and dissection in skull base surgery
and open the possibility of new surgical approaches to microscopic tumor resection and hemorrhage coagulation
in the anatomical areas of the skull base.“

U. Schick, MD, Münster (Germany)

Additional models can be found in our product catalog.


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The zhora tips are specially delicate. Due to their eccentric tip design by a 10° upward skew, the tips are clearly visible in the operating field. In narrow and confined spaces this is particularly advantageous.


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CC guide – To match tines exactly and prevent scissoring of the tips.
Reinforced for optimized spring tension.


"The sharp tips allow a precision that surpasses all other bipolar forceps I have used throughout my career.
The forceps are well-balanced and the shafts are very slender, but strong. With the small upward angulation of the tips,
the SuperGliss® non-stick zhora bipolar forceps are perfect for skull base tumors in deep and narrow fields,
as well as for more superficial, minimally invasive procedures."

T. Meling, MD, Geneva (Switzerland)

Additional models can be found in our product catalog.


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TEO tips are ideal for endoscope-assisted procedures. The short and bulky tips provide even more safety and a better grip. Different angles enable the surgeon to work “around corners”.


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The serrated tips of SuperGliss® non-stick TEO bipolar forceps provide an even better grip for improved grasping of tissue.


“These Sutter bipolar forceps offer the versatility required for standard microsurgery and endoscope-assisted surgery.
They are well-balanced, have a minimal amount of non-insulated ends for obvious safety benefits,
tips with different thickness for different tissues, various angled tips for different viewing angles, and good grip.
I believe they are the best bipolar forceps on the market.“

C. Teo, MD, Randwick (Australia)

Additional models can be found in our product catalog.

Further Information

For detailed information on applications and accessories, please refer to our product catalogs:
SuperGliss® non-stick Bipolar Forceps (DE/EN) [1,7 MB]
Solutions for Skull Base Micro- and Neurosurgery [1,5 MB]

Instructions for use:
IFU Bipolar Forceps (DE/EN/FR/ES/IT/NL) [359 kb]
IFUs in additional languages can be found here.


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