Sutter offers a variety of monopolar electrodes for different applications in ENT and dermatology. The ultra-sharp tips of the ARROWtip monopolar microdissection electrodes facilitate clean and precise dissection of tissue. The heat-resistant material maintains tip sharpness, while a high-performance insulation prevents unwanted tissue trauma. The ARROWtip monopolar microdissection electrodes are also available as single-use version.


ARROWtip™ monopolar microdissection electrodes Product Range










Do the ARROWtip™ monopolar microdissection electrodes fit my monopolar pencil?

ARROWtip™ monopolar microdissection electrodes have a shaft diameter of 2.4 mm.



Do the ARROWtip™ monopolar microdissection electrodes work with my electrosurgical device?

Yes, our ARROWtip™ monopolar microdissection electrodes work with all common electrosurgical units.


Monopolar Electrodes Product Range

Monopolar needle electrodes
  • Delicate skin incisions
  • Tissue resection
  • Superficial treatments


Monopolar coagulation needle electrodes
  • Ideal for simultaneous cutting and coagulating of tissue
  • Ideal for dry dissection


Monopolar blade and scalpel electrodes
  • Delicate skin incisions
  • Tissue resection
  • Superficial treatments
  • Removal of skin discolorations


Monopolar loop electrodes
  • Ideal for safe ablation and resection of superficial changes of skin structure
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Short operation time


Monopolar ball electrodes
  • Coagulation of small to larger areas
  • The heat-resistant insulation prevents unwanted tissue burns







Further information

For detailed information on applications and accessories, please refer to our product catalogs:

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Solutions for Skull Base Micro- and Neurosurgery [940 kb]

Monopolar Electrodes (DE/EN) [2,5 MB]

Instructions for use:

IFU Monopolar Electrodes (DE/EN/FR/ES/IT/NL) [266 kb]

IFUs in additional languages can be found here.


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