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The BM-780 II radiofrequency generator is ideally suited for small surgical interventions in ENT clinics and doctors’ offices, for plastic surgery, and dermatology.


BM-780 II Radiofrequency-Technology

Safety due to AutoRF

AutoRF™ is a smart impedance control function that will tailor the RF power output to the tissue condition. Whether it is cutting through different types of tissue or altering tissue conditions during coagulation, the AutoRF™ feature will deliver adapted power output as required by the different tissue impedances. Thanks to AutoRF™ the BM-780 II is a comfortable and safe radiofrequency unit. Cutting and coagulation results are reproductible.


Precision due to AutoRF

In bipolar coagulation the power output is reduced according to the degree of coagulation and the desiccation of tissue to a minimum of only about 1/4 of the initial setting. During the monopolar cutting process the unit adjusts the output to the type of tissue (skin, muscles, fat, etc.) as needed.



„R” signifies electric tissue resistance and „P” the actual power output.

„R” signifies electric tissue resistance and „P” the actual power output. Sections 1 to 5 show the different kinds of tissues and cutting speeds to which the unit adjusts its power output automatically.


Was ist RaVoR™ Radiofrequenz-Volumen-Reduktion?

Radiofrequency energy causes deliberate local lesions through the short and selective heating of certain tissue areas. The treated tissue is decomposed and transformed into fibrous scar tissue. This process leads to a shrinkage and stiffening of the treated area.


RaVoR™ Bipolar Electrodes



The specifically designed bipolar electrodes for RaVoR™ ensure a lesion suited to the patient‘s anatomy. A special, ultra-thin insulation protects surface of the mucosa from thermal damage.




Further information

For detailed information on applications and accessories, please refer to our product catalogs

BM-780 II Radiofrequency Generator [1,5 MB]

BM-780 II and RaVoR single-use [1,3 MB]



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