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Our Company History

Sutter 1988
Sutter 2022
Our history begins in 1970

The seeds for our business as we know it today, however, were planted by Hermann Sutter in the years before: In 1967, he developed the first bipolar forceps in Europe, together with his former employer and in close cooperation with Prof. Gazi Yasargil who was later honored as “Neurosurgery’s Man of the Century”. Our long history as a manufacturer of electrosurgical products and our early years as a distribution company are deeply engraved in our DNA.

Today, Sutter is known as one of the market leaders for non-stick bipolar forceps and radiofrequency systems for precision electrosurgery. With more than 35 active patents, we strive to provide innovative solutions for our customers.  

Learn more about our history by scrolling through our timeline of company milestones below.





  • Opening of our new headquarters in Emmendingen

    Since July 1, 2022, more than 170 employees have been working together in a state-of-the-art building complex on almost 9,000 square meters of floor space to achieve our vision: to offer optimal solutions for the work of physicians around the world.

  • NEW: Swyng® non-stick Bipolar Forceps, single-use
    Swyng® non-stick Bipolare Pinzetten, single-use

    We are excited to launch our new disposable non-stick bipolar forceps product line for the international market: The Swyng® non-stick bipolar forceps, single-use combine high quality with innovative design. Available with straight and angled tip styles, the Swyng non-stick bipolar forceps, single-use, offer precision and versatility for different applications in the OR.

  • Product Launch: ARROWtip™ Monopolar Microdissection Electrodes, single-use
    ARROWtip™ Monopolar Microdissection Electrodes, single-use

    With their heat resistant, ultra-sharp tip design, the ARROWtip monopolar microdissection electrodes, single-use provide precision for cutting, tissue dissection and coagulation. Sutter offers a range of different models to meet your needs for a variety of applications. 

  • We are launching our new disposable non-stick bipolar forceps product line in the USA – designed and manufactured in Germany. The Swyng non-stick bipolar forceps offer precision and versatility in the operating room with a wide range of available models. 

  • Extension of the Management Board

    Dr. Simone Peschl is joining the Extended Management Board around CEO Bert Sutter as VP Business Development & Market Access.

  • Sutter is breaking ground in Emmendingen

    The construction of our new headquarters in Emmendingen begins with the ground breaking ceremony on March 5, 2020.

  • Product line extension: Calvian endo-pen® 

    The Calvian endo-pen® bipolar forceps product line is growing. Over the years, different tip styles and sizes have been added, a non-stick version is available, and now the Calvian endo-pen® is also available in a bayonet version, offering even more versatility.

  • Extension of the Executive Board

    President and CEO Bert Sutter is joined by Reinhard Dichmann (VP Administration & Logistics), Petra Dischinger (VP Finance) and Michael Sillmann (VP Technical Operations & Quality).

  • Product launch: RaVoR™
  • Foundation of Sutter USA

    Sutter Medical Technologies USA is founded with an office in Atlanta, GA/USA.

  • Company expansion

    Two more buildings are added. The number of employees rises to approximately 100.

  • Medal for Merit

    Sutter is awarded the Medal for Merit by the German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery.

  • Acquisitions

    Acquisition of Fentex Medical and Rhinolab.

  • Company expansion

    A new building with an ultra-modern coating facility is constructed.

  • Product line extension: SuperGliss® non-stick zhora

    Introduction of the SuperGliss® non-stick zhora bipolar forceps.

  • New representative office

    Opening of our representative office in Shenzhen/China.

  • Product line extension: SuperGliss® non-stick TEO

    Our cooperation with Australian neurosurgeon Charlie Teo, M.D. leads to an extension of the SuperGliss® non-stick bipolar forceps range with the introduction of the SuperGliss® nonstick TEO bipolar forceps.

  • Product launch: Calvian endo-pen®

    Product launch of the Calvian endo-pen® bipolar forceps, a single-shaft instrument for bipolar coagulation, for example in endonasal and transnasal endoscopic surgery.

  • Foundation of Sutter Pacific

    Sutter Pacific is founded with the opening of our distribution office in Hong Kong.

  • Product line extension: SuperGliss® non-stick ELP

    Addition of the SuperGliss® non-stick ELP product line.

  • Product launch: Calvian®

    Offering a solution for bipolar coagulation in narrow spaces with the Calvian® bipolar clamp, e. g. during sinus surgery.

  • Product launch: non-stick monopolar suction tube

    The non-stick monopolar suction sube is introduced into the market.

  • Renovations

    The extensive renovation of two of our three buildings is concluded: that means our energy efficiency is 20% better than the German standard for low power consumption. Photovoltaic cells with 24kWp generate approximately 20.000 kWp clean energy per year.

  • Product launch: SuperGliss® non-stick

    Product launch of the SuperGliss® non-stick bipolar forceps.

  • Product launch: CURIS® 4 MHz radiofrequency generator

    The CURIS® 4 MHz radiofrequency generator is launched, offering versatility in ENT and other microsurgical procedures.

  • Bert Sutter takes over management

    Hermann Sutter turns over the executive management to Bert Sutter. The official company name is changed to “Sutter Medizintechnik GmbH”.

  • Product launch: To-BiTE™

    The To-BiTE™ bipolar clamp is introduced: Four functions are combined in one instrument – suction, coagulation, dissection, and grasping – for bipolar tonsillectomy.

  • Innovation: non-stick technology

    In a successful cooperation with Silverglide Surgical Technologies, Sutter manufactures the first non-stick bipolar forceps.

  • Product launch: RaVoR™

    Market launch of the RaVoR™ system based on the BM-780 II radiofrequency technology for the treatment of habitual snoring and mild OSAS.

  • Bert Sutter joins the company

    Bert Sutter joins the family business.

  • 100 % Sutter

    The Sutter family takes over 100 % of the company shares, the company name is being changed to “Select Medizin-Technik Hermann Sutter GmbH”.

  • Beginning of a new era

    After moving the company to its new premises in Freiburg, the in-house development and production of electrosurgical instruments begins.

  • First US patent

    Hermann Sutter is granted a US patent for his development of the EU connector for bipolar forceps. Until today, this is the standard bipolar connector in the EU and in many other international markets.

  • Company foundation

    Hermann Sutter and his former colleague Klaus Holzhauer found the company “Holzhauer & Sutter GmbH”.