Radiofrequency has been established as a gentle surgical method for precise cuts and coagulation in aesthetic surgery. With the impedance-controlled CURIS 4 MHz radiofrequency generator, Sutter offers the benefits of an advanced radiofrequency technology for a variety of applications.

Dermatologist R. Kasten, MD from Mainz reports about the 4 MHz radiofrequency technology:

“The range of radiofrequency surgery has now been extended to ablative, vaporizing methods in aesthetic medicine. This novel method complements the armamentarium of the dermatologist in the operating room as well as those of the plastic surgeon and ENT specialist. Elevated benign nevi may now be removed elegantly and usually painlessly. At the same time, it is possible to achieve excellent cosmetic results.“

R. Kasten, MD, Mainz (Germany)

In the following example Dr. Kasten demonstrates the ablation of a papular nevus using the monopolar ball electrode (REF 36 08 16). With its heat-resistant insulation, the monopolar ball electrode prevents unwanted tissue burns. This makes it a suitable precision instrument for the coagulation of small to larger areas. 



Papular nevus on left cheek


Tangential excision of papular nevus


Removing the remaining part of the lesion with gentle movements


Eight weeks after radiofrequency ablation


Find out more in the application report:

Radiofrequency Ablation of Papular Melanocytic Nevi - R. Kasten


Monopolar Electrodes

Based on the anatomical features of different disciplines, Sutter offers a large product portfolio of monopolar needle, loop, blade, scalpel, and ball electrodes for applications in dermatosurgery, plastic and aesthetic surgery. 

On our product page you can find more information and videos using Sutter monopolar electrodes. All models are available in our catalog:

Monopolar Electrodes (DE/EN) [2,7 MB]


For the treatment of hemangiomasm users employ the ARROWtip Monopolar Microdissection Electrodes, single-use. The heat resistant, ultra-sharp tips provide precision for cutting, tissue dissection, and coagulation and enable an excision with minimal bleeding, as can be seen in the following example.



Hemangioma on the upper arm

Excision of a hemangioma with minimal bleeding




Precision and versatility for a variety of surgical procedures

The ARROWtip Monopolar Microdissection Electrodes, single-use are available in different models, adapted to the respective needs in the OR. They may offer a user-friendly solution for the treatment of skin tumors and skin incisions, for blepharoplasty, in endoscopic ear surgery and other disciplines.



Find further opinions by surgeons and an overview of the wide range of possible solutions with the CURIS 4 MHz radiofrequency generator in the catalog Dermatosurgery and Plastic Aesthetic Surgery.



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