Sutter Medical - Company - Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

With the development, production and distribution of medical products for precision electrosurgery, Sutter Medizintechnik contributes to the preservation and improvement of life. Moreover, we are aware of our responsibility as an employer, business partner and part of society. This social responsibility guides our corporate activities, which are characterized by sustainability and engagement at various levels. 




Our sustainability concept

The responsible use of limited resources, both in the present and in the future, is highly important to us. Sustainability at Sutter Medizintechnik is reflected in three pillars: sustainable growth, planet and people.

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Sustainable Growth
In order to meet our corporate responsibility now and in the future, we ensure efficient production processes and a responsible use of resources. Through sustainable and profitable management, we can establish means for future investments.

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Our responsibility for the planet is firmly anchored in our contribution to society. With a holistic view of the ecological effects of our business activities, our processes are designed to avoid waste and reduce our CO2 footprint.


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Sustainable success is created through the strong commitment of our employees. We therefore highly value the personal development of each individual. Offering bright and ergonomic workplaces as well as numerous benefits to balance work and family life, we create a working environment in which everyone can develop their potential.

A major change for our company is about to take place in 2021 with the move to our new headquarters in Emmendingen. Through our new building we ensure sustainability in all three areas. Find out more about our new headquarters on our Emmendingen page.



Our social engagement 

It has always been an important factor of our company culture to give a part of our business success to help people. Through our social projects we support the safety and rights of children worldwide.

Child sponsorships

Each employee is assigned a child sponsorship through either SOS-Kinderdorf or World Vision. Employees are free to choose either organization for their sponsorship. The employees keep in contact with the sponsored children while Sutter finances the sponsorship. Thanks to the sponsorships supported by Sutter, children around the world are given the opportunity to lead a dignified life with a future through education.

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Aktion Mensch

For their birthday, every employee receives a lottery ticket from the initiative Aktion Mensch with the chance of winning up to 750,000 euros. By purchasing the tickets, Sutter supports social projects such as learning workshops, inclusion projects for people with disabilities and projects in the field of nature conservation.




Reward for social commitment 

For our commitment through our child sponsorships or charity support activities Sutter received the prize for social commitment for small and medium-sized businesses, which is awarded by German welfare organizations such as Caritas, Diakonie and the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Employment and Housing of the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.


„It's important to get involved in social projects. By setting a good example, we hope to inspire others as well.“ – Bert Sutter


Find out more examples on our social engagement in our blog.



People and Activities at Sutter 

At Sutter Medizintechnik, our commitment goes beyond daily business. Numerous sports activities, the subvention of company bikes and employee events contribute to the health of our employees and strenghten community life at Sutter.

Sports activities

Taking part in business runs is a big highlight at Sutter every year. In the annual B2Run, Sutter Medizintechnik has received the award for the fittest company in the SME category for three consecutive years. In 2019, we took the chance to introduce ourselves to our future home town by participating in the city run in Emmendingen with more than 50 runners from Sutter. Our SutterActive events, which are organised by and for our employees, not only contribute to the health of our employees but also enable the exchange with colleagues from different departments. Find out more about the activites at Sutter in our blog.




Support of company bikes

In order to keep our employees fit and to protect the planet, Sutter subsidizes the leasing of company bikes with JobRad. Sutter leases a bicycle or e-bike for their employees that they can use both for business and private purposes. Employees can choose their favorite bike from one of more than 5,000 trade partners throughout Germany or online.