We are pleased to share the latest video of our film series inspired by our 50th company anniversary.

From customer input, over the development to the production of our instruments, the teams at Sutter work together to constantly improve our products and to develop new product innovations. With a wide range of products, patented features and innovative technologies Sutter Medizintechnik is a pioneer in the field of precision electrosurgery. Surgeons around the world benefit from the advantages of our impedance-controlled 4 MHz radiofrequency technology. In addition, with our non-stick bipolar forceps, such as our Masterpiece and our SuperGliss product line, we offer optimal solutions for a wide range of applications in ENT, microsurgery and neurosurgery. The Swyng non-stick bipolar forceps, single-use – our latest product of our non-stick bipolar forceps range which we have launched for the US market in May 2020 – combines highest quality with innovative design, thus offering improved comfort and optimal balance. The Calvian endo-pen bipolar forceps allows precise coagulation during keyhole surgery.

Learn more about the different stages of INNOVATION at Sutter:



This film is the third part of our 50th anniversary film series, created in cooperation with Isensee Film GmbH and shy collective. Take another glimpse behind the scenes at Sutter in our previous films on QUALTY made in Germany and PRECISION. In addition, you can learn more about our core values in our philosophy


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