Sutter Medical - Company - Philosophy

Our Philosophy

For over 50 years, Sutter Medizintechnik stands for electrosurgical medical products of highest precision and quality. As an owner-managed family business based in Freiburg, Germany, we develop, produce and distribute innovative products for ENT, microsurgery and neurosurgery. With our global network of international sales partners and our own subsidiaries in the USA and Asia, we offer optimal solutions for surgeons around the world – thus contributing to the improvement and preservation of life. Quality made in Germany, precision, innovation, customer focus and sustainability & corporate social responsibility are central values that have been driving us since 1970.


Quality made in Germany

Since the safety of users and patients is our highest priority, we focus on quality along the entire value chain. Our highly qualified specialists manufacture our products in accordance to the highest quality standards. With our company-wide quality management system, we ensure compliance with laws and quality standards across all areas of our company – with the aim of achieving the best possible function and safety in the use of our products.


Surgical interventions in ENT, neurosurgery and microsurgery require the surgeon to work with the highest precision. This precision is also reflected in the manufacturing of our products. Our innovative instruments, such as our Calvian endo-pen® bipolar forceps and our Masterpiece™ non-stick bipolar forceps, are individually assembled by hand, partly under a microscope. In this way we ensure that each instrument is suitable for the precise use in the operating room and achieves the best possible results for patients. Our impedance-controlled radiofrequency generators enable the finest incisions and hemostasis with minimal damage to surrounding tissue. In interstitial therapy, they deliver precise, reproducible results and thus enable optimal therapies, as numerous studies have shown. 


With over 35 active patents, we are a pioneer in the field of precision electrosurgery. Technical progress and the dynamic development of the markets drive us to constantly improve our products. Our versatile product portfolio, patented features and innovative technologies are the result of many years of development processes. With our products, such as the SuperGliss® non-stick bipolar forceps, we offer innovative solutions for ENT, micro and neurosurgery. In addition, surgeons in ENT and plastic surgery benefit from the advantages of our impedance-controlled CURIS® 4 MHz radiofrequency generator, which, in combination with RaVoR™, enables a wide range of applications. 

Customer Focus

In order to develop user-friendly solutions for the practical use in the operating theater we work closely together with doctors and clinics. Scientific studies and application reports from surgeons who work with our products confirm the efficiacy and safety of our products. With our subsidiaries in the USA and Asia and our global network of international sales partners we are able to be close to the market and our customers. Regular training of our partners and visits in the clinics not only strengthen the knowledge transfer and long-term cooperation, but also enable us to receive feedback that is important for the development of our products. 

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

At Sutter, social responsibility is not only reflected in our corporate purpose of making doctors' work and patients' lives better, but is also an integral part of our corporate culture. It's a matter close to our heart to support the rights and the well-being of children worldwide through many social projects, for example through the child sponsorship of our employees. Sport activities, such as our SutterActive events organized by and for employees, strengthen team spirit and contribute to the health of our employees. Moreover, sustainability is a significant aspect of our identity and will be realized in the three sustainability pillars - sustainable growth, planet and people - in our new company building in Emmendingen.

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