Visiting our new company premises: How to bring the Sutter spirit to life

Full of anticipation we see our future company building growing! Just recently we visited our construction site in Emmendingen, where our future company building is becoming more and more concrete. 


CURIS® Setup Video: Discover the Versatility of the 4 MHz Radiofrequency Technology

5 cutting modes, 5 coagulation modes – and additional features. Our new video guides you through the different functions of the CURIS 4 MHz radiofrequency generator.


Corporate Film: 50 Years of Sutter, 50 Years of Precision Electrosurgery

Precision Electrosurgery is the basis of our company for over 50 years. It guides our company's pupose to meet the needs of surgeons around the world by providing them with innovative medical devices of the highest precision and quality. Find out more in our corporate film.


New Products for ENT

Our new bipolar suction forceps enable clean suction before coagulation to ensure a clear surgical field. They offer an optimal solution to perform a variety of ENT applications, for instance, adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy. Furthermore, our RaVoR bipolar electrode for the tongue base is now available as single-use version.


Looking forward to 2021

After a challenging year 2020 we are looking ahead optimistically to 2021 and would like to share a few words by our CEO Bert Sutter with you.


Christmas Special 2020

In this extraordinary year without christmas markets and christmas parties, we have come up with an alternative to still spread some christmas atmosphere in our company and to bring back nice and fun memories looking back at 50 years of Sutter in our anniversary magazine.


Corporate Film: Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility – a core value at Sutter Medizintechnik

Numerous benefits to balance work and family life, sports activities, the support of company bikes with JobRad and over 120 child sponsorships worldwide are examples of how we create a work environment in which everyone can develop their potential – always in line with our social responsibility for people and the planet. Find out more in our latest film.


Now available as single-use version: ARROWtip™ Monopolar Microdissection Electrodes

Precision and versatility for your surgical procedures: With their heat resistant, ultra-sharp tip design, the ARROWtip monopolar microdissection electrodes provide precision for cutting, tissue dissection and coagulation – now available as single-use version.


Corporate Film: Customer Focus – a core value at Sutter Medizintechnik

For 50 years, Sutter has been working closely together with surgeons all over the world to develop user-friendly solutions for the practical use in the operating theater. Thanks to our global network of international sales partners and our subsidiaries Sutter Pacific and Sutter USA we are close to our markets and our customers. Find out more in our latest film.


Corporate Film: Innovation – a core value at Sutter Medizintechnik

From customer imput, over the development to the production of our instruments, our teams work together to constantly improve our products and to develop new product innovations. Learn more about the different stages of INNOVATION at Sutter in our latest corporate film inspired by our 50th company anniversary.


Our company event 2020

Despite this year's circumstances in times of corona, we did not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate our 50th anniversary. With their exclusive event package, our 128 employees participated in various activities together from different locations.


In Remembrance of Gerda Sutter

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Gerda Sutter. Together with her husband Hermann Sutter she founded our company 50 years ago and has essentially contributed to the company's great success. Gerda Sutter was a dynamic, and yet kind and caring senior partner. We will miss her a lot and hold her in grateful remembrance.


Advantages of the Impedance-Controlled 4 MHz Radiofrequency Technology

Numerous studies show the advantages of the 4 MHz radiofrequency technology in comparison to other technologies. With the impedance-controlled CURIS® 4 MHz radiofrequency generator, Sutter offers the benefits of an advanced 4 MHz radiofrequency technology for a variety of applications.


Corporate Film: Precision – a core value at Sutter Medizintechnik

Surgical interventions in precisionelectrosurgery require the surgeon to work with the highest precision. This precision is also reflected in the manufacturing of our products. We are pleased to publish our second film of our film series in the context of our 50th anniversary about one of our core values: PRECISION. 


Corporate Film: Quality made in Germany – a core value at Sutter Medizintechnik

We at Sutter Medizintechnik focus on quality along the entire value chain. This is ensured by our highly qualified specialists, who manufacture our products with the highest quality awareness. Take a look behind the scenes of our production and find out how quality made in Germany is created at Sutter. 


A customer survey: Long-term users rate the Sutter radiofrequency technology as a reliable, durable and easy-to-use solution

Radiofrequency has found its place as a precision tool in ENT and microsurgery. Surgeons around the world have benefitted from this technology for a variety of indications from sleep surgery to tonsil surgery as well as head and neck surgery. 


Sutter is breaking ground for its new building in Emmendingen

March 5, 2020, is a special day in the history of the Sutter. After a long planning phase and intensive preparations, the ground-breaking ceremony in Emmendingen finally took place today. 


Extension of the Management Board

We are pleased to welcome a new member to the extended management board at Sutter. Dr. Simone Peschl, who has been responsible for Business Development & Product Management since 2018, will join the management team around CEO Bert Sutter as VP Business Development & Market Access from March 2020.


Sutter successfully obtains re-certification of MDD and ISO13485:2016

Last week we successfully completed our re-certification audit. During the 3-day visit our company and products were audited and confirmed according to ISO13485:2016 and Medical Device Directive (MDD). The new certificate will be valid for another 4 years.


Celebrating 50 Years of Sutter

Innovation, precision and quality made in Germany are core values that have driven us since our foundation in 1970.